Ogden Project

[row][col size="3/4" ]I Dream of an Ogden began in Richmond Virginia as a dream that came to designer/artist Bizhan Khodabandeh of Mended Arrow. His project under the title “I Dream of a Richmond…” was:

a public platform that cultivated local concerns. It also served as a regional forum that indiscriminately allows people to express their needs and aspirations regarding the community.

Being interested in community work and the power of design to act as a voice, I loved this project the first time I read about it. While thinking about capstone project ideas, it occured to me that this project could also act as a survey of opinions of the community. From there it could be used to build into other projects to address our most pressing social issues. I received permission to from Mr. Khodabandeh to adopt his name and concept for our own community as my senior seminar project. The plan is to approach community members and ask them to finish the sentence “I dream of an Ogden…” to give their name and age and a photography. The resulting images will be combined with the quote to make a new image. The final output of the project will be either a series of posters, a book, maybe even something else and will show at WSU’s Shaw Gallery in April.[/col][col size="1/4" ]